'Never Give Up' Guitar Raffle

'Never Give Up' Guitar Raffle

A unique, custom built, hand painted guitar! A collaboration between Irish artist Terry Bradley and Chris Moffitt of Kithara Guitars, in aid of Action Mental Health.


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Terry and Chris were first introduced by Simon Cordner, owner of Windmill Guitars and neighbour of the Bradley Gallery in Bangor, Co. Down. Terry and Chris found common ground in their love for art and music and realised they had also gone through similar experiences suffering with poor mental health.

This inspired them to combine their experience and open up the conversation about how many men suffer with mental health issues and, more often than not, keep it to themselves. So they set out on a project, using Terry’s emotive art skills to paint a gorgeous electric guitar, handcrafted by Chris, with the hopes of using it to reach more men and de-stigmatise the topic of their mental health.




Terry’s artwork depicts the colourful front of the guitar showing the upbeat, bright face that many people use to mask how they are really feeling. The back of the guitar represents the darker side of mental health, a lone figure against a full moon. The moto of ‘Never Give Up’, which is something Terry lives by, is hand painted along the neck of the guitar.




Action Mental Health

Action Mental Health presented themselves as the perfect charity for this project, as their various services help to change the lives of those living with mental ill health and promote resilience and well being to future generations.

To raise money for this deserving charity, Terry and Chris’ guitar was placed in a fundraising raffle, with one lucky winner receiving the guitar as their prize.
In just over a fortnight, an incredible £10,117 was raised from the guitar raffle.
We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who donated to the fundraiser and give our congratulations to Jason Brown, the lucky winner of the custom painted guitar.