Bradley Art Prize


The Bradley Art Prize, sponsored by Radius Connect Solutions, has almost completed its journey for its inaugural year. This art prize was a new art initiative to drive fresh talent and creativity among young people in Northern Ireland. Terry’s main aim with this prize was to support and nurture young people who have a passion for art and those that may use it as a form of escapism. He wanted to offer support and direction to all aspiring artists, and he believes we have a wealth of raw talent in Northern Ireland.

It was also carefully designed to show more young people what it’s like to be a professional artist and how to build a long-lasting career in an area that needs confidence and passion to succeed. The reality of being an artist, running a gallery and making a living as a successful artist needs to be dealt with, alongside the creative and inspirational aspects … dreaming big!

 The Bradley Art Prize is for 14-18, 19-23 years with a new category for over 23’s added for the 2023-24 prize.

Prizes include cash to both the artists and their supporting school/college, art materials from our new sponsor Bradbury Art Belfast, a weeklong exhibition in the Bradley Gallery and an exhibition launch at the annual ‘Culture Night’ at the NI Executive offices, in Brussels. Culture Night is a celebration of food, drink, music and art from Northern Ireland and is a perfect arena to display work by the winning young artists. This exhibition provides the artists with an opportunity to showcase their talent to visitors from all over Europe with both the winners and family having the opportunity of a trip to Brussels as part of their prize.

 Also, part of the Bradley Art Prize is an additional prize supported by Titanic Belfast, a previous winner of the Best Tourist Attraction in the World and this year reporting its busiest summer since opening in 2012. The finalists had their work exhibited for over 2 months at Titanic Belfast as part of Terry Bradley’s ‘Exodus’ exhibition. The Exodus Exhibition was a major part of Titanic Belfast’s visitor attraction programme during the summer and the category of ‘The People’s Choice Award’ received over 2800 votes for the visitor’s favourite piece with the winner receiving a £250 cash prize from the visitor centre. Titanic Belfast has also commissioned the overall winner of the Bradley Art Prize 2022/23, Holly-Mae Greer, to create a piece of artwork for SS Nomadic which will be viewed by many visitors to the city.

 This Art Prize has made a difference to so many that have entered and hearing from them and their families has been extremely heartwarming.

  “The young people we have had the opportunity to meet have been so inspiring and the quality of the entries far exceeded our expectations. It makes me more determined than ever to continue with the Bradley Art Prize and with the ongoing support of all those involved we will be able to build on the outstanding success of our first year. We know there is more talent out there and are excited to see what this year brings.” Terry Bradley.

Competition Prizes

Overall Competition Winner

An overall winner for the Bradley Art Prize will be chosen from the three age groups.

The winning artworks from all age categories will be showcased at the Northern Ireland Executive Office in Brussels’ European Quarter.

This is part of our major initiative designed to encourage more young people to consider turning their love of art into a long-term career, offering local artists the chance to display their work internationally.

How to Enter

Submission requirements are the same for all categories.

However, for submissions in the 14-18 age category we require contact information for a parent/guardian or your school teacher.

Submission Criteria

We will ask for your name, contact methods and which category you're entering so we can label and organise your submission correctly.

Please ensure the contact information you provide is accessable to you at all times throughout the year, i.e. don't use a school email address as your contact method. 

The submission form is now available at the bottom of this page, the criteria to enter is as follows...

GDPR: Once the competition has concluded in summer 2024, all personal information will be deleted from our servers.

The 2023-24 competition is now closed to new entries.
Thank you to all who entered.

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